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Monday, 24 September 2012

Monday's Tip - the share/ upload feature of the PianoPad/ PianoPad Mobile Toolbar

Ok PianoPad/ Mobile users. It is time that this blog features more than songs by GH. The idea behind this blog is a collaborative community.
(special Thanks to Ulric however for his Eine Kleine; a great Mozart melody - see Sep 23)

So this is how you do it. Most of you would know how ... yet for anyone out there who may be hesitant.
Once you have recorded your piece of music, press the UPLOAD button to SHARE the code here. Put your name (Name) and a title (Song) for your masterpiece in the popup.

From your email Press Send (top right) to send the code to the PianoPad Share Page. 
Note: You must have your email account setup on your iPad to do this. You are NOT signing up for a newsletter via this process, so don't be concerned by doing this!

Your song will now appear on the PianoPad Share page for someone else to learn! It is actually a good way to SAVE your recording other than emailing the code to yourself. If it is online, you know where it is. Saving is a feature that may occur in version ....... 1.5? 

So all PianoPad/ Mobile users - start uploading/ sharing your awesome recordings.

If you upload a recording and want it removed let me know. Or if it doesn't look like PianoPad GH code I'll presume it was an accident and remove it. I initially thought of adding an image of the artist for each song I upload, yet decided it slowed the copy/paste procedure. So let's keep it as exported PianoPad code only users.

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